Saturday, December 4, 2010


totaallyy forgot to blog about the GREAT BARRIER REEF!!!!!! 
flew up to Cairns in northern Queensland and arrived at the wildest hostel in the world i think... this is 
what the entrance looked like in the day..and through that dark gaping hole is a cancun TIMES ibiza worthy. 

and this was just the outside patio, like 1/8 of the club. you can feel the music till the club closes at 6. nottt the best when you have to wake up at around the same time for a reef adventure!!!! 

REEF WAS INSANEE!!! went on 3 private dives, our dive master would tell us what to touch and what to swim away from realllyyy really fast... we touched these massive century old clams and saw suchhhh cool shitttt-- turtles, sharks, everythingg!! we had to wear these freaky stinger suits to protect us from deadly jellies. not joking. if you look really hard you can see me camouflaged.
SATURDAYYY night we went out for libby's 21st!!!!!! so much free champagne, absinthe, tequila, dancing, lesbian bars- hit all the major high points and had sooooo much fffunnnnnn. 
pretty miserable flight the next keep it short.

Monday, November 29, 2010


SORRRYYY for my negligence!!!!!! I actually completely forgot I had a blog for a few weeks...but we had the craziest weekend that I just have to blog about!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday was thanksgiving and so cute; we bought instant/pre-made everything and had thanksgiving in the common room. reallyyy missed my fam that day..but then we went out, problem solved.

FRIDAY is when the trouble began- our flight to melbourne was delayed until 10pm, and finally cancelled while we were waiting at the gate. bummer. the next available flight got us in at around 4pm, but better than not going at all righttt?? so we landed in Melbs, freaked the fuck out as we walked onto the tarmac- FREEZING and RAINING. I keep forgetting that the weather isn't going to be sunny and beautiful everyday, thus rarely packing accordingly. Our friends picked us up in the airport in our rental car for the weekend (with the steering wheel on the WRONG side!) omg and ki said they had a honda, but it was a hyundai, and she thought hyundai was just what pretentious people called hondas lollllll.. ANYWAY-- started driving the GREAT OCEAN ROAD!! 1/2 was breath taking ocean views, 1/4 was rainforest, 1/4 was hills and farmland. Its 250 km long and worth every minute. We made it to The Twelve Apostles by sunset- amazinggg. On the way, we pulled up to a gas station and in the grass was a BABY bunny shiverring in the cold so we picked it up and brought it inside and the guy at the store nursed it back to health and called animal rescue <3 SO cuteee. anyway, kept driving the great ocean road until the hostel, made dinner in the community kitchen- so backpacker legit... 

SUNDAYYY- started out really well!!!! woke up at 530 to see the sunrise over the 12 apostles, drove around to each of the major sites on the shipwreck coast. weather was so good and every stop was so so surreal. stopped for lunch and had a beef roll. so weird- aussies are so obsessed with beef. beef rolls, beef pies, such weird shit..and hot dogs look like red rockets!!! got dropped off in this shit town called geelong where our hostel was. it was DISGUSTING. like i will never ever stay in a hostel again. it was ABSOLUTELY haunted and there were PUBES ON THE BED!!!!!!!! ki and i were crying, got the fuck out of there, saw harry potter, went to kfc, and decided to just crash at the airport since our flight was at 6 am anyway...after we got there we found out the airport actually closed for the night...cried to the security guards telling them our horror hostel story and they let us sleep in the closed airport alone!!!!!!! it was freaky and we totally couldve planted bombs or something. we did make friends with these guys that worked for the airline who blocked off rows and gave us rows to our self on the flight. finally got back to gold coast around 10 this morning and the weather of course is gorgeous. so good to see our other third libby- except she was basically unrecognizable since shes so damn tan. 
THREE weeks till we go home :(((( i think i'll go into withdraw.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

a real friend is one who walks in 

when the rest of the world walks out

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Third Times a Charm

Ki just gave me a test out of Australian Cosmo to see if I would be faithful to her forever; maybe she will be luckier than past significant others. Turns out I got "You could be faithful if you wanted to." Now she's reading 'Tricky Dicky- a guide to his bits.'

TOMORROW Libby and I are heading BACK to Byron Bay for the 3rd time to try to go skydiving. At 7 am. The last 2 times have been canceled due to rain. Third times a charm!!!!!! So I could potentially jump from 14,000 feet tomorrow. "Sky-Die" as F-I-L calls it.

FORGOT TO UPDATE ABOUT SYDNEY!!!!! We left on Thursday Oct 28th after my grueling accounting midterm (passed, miraculously) to the Gold Coast Airport. Unfortunately ran into a dozen douche lords who were on our flight..and our flight was delayed so me lib and shauna split a bottle of red and a bottle of white in the airport. Drinking is so lax here, so praised. Stateside will be hard to adjust to again... THEN flew to Sydney, met a really cool girl who was flying there to stay with a boy that she had made out with at a bar one time. Ballsy. Got in, and SAW LUCYYYY!!!!! (my bffffffff from sophomore year in Shanghai) SO good to catch up and chat and chill at her super cute apartment over looking the Sydney Harbor. pimppp. Friday Lib and I were soooo cute and touristy, went all around Sydney- Oxford St, Paddington, Hyde Park, sex shops...dollar stores...pretty much everything we saw we investigated!!! Friday night went out in Kings Cross and sick clubs over looking Sydney Harbor..pimppp..SAT was bomb- waking up was hard, but Bond's golf team captain rented a yacht for the day and we cruised around Sydney Harbor and had an Aussie barbie!!!!! So many sausages!!!!! Really, my obsession. Not in a perv way, but I could really eat hot dogs for every meal I think. I even converted Ki!! OMGGGG at the grosh, lexi and I found these sausages made from kangaroo meat called KANGA BANGAS!!
any back to the yacht-- Soooo many cruisers and pale blonde. best daayyy! then went out for Halloween in Sydney!!! soooo good going out with Lucy, brought back so many crazyyy memories of Shanghai!!!!!!!! but Sydney has really great great clubs. like really great. Sunday we walked around Darling Harbor, went to CHINATOWN!!!!!!! and had to fly back to Gold Coast...but KI and her fam was back from the Great Barrier Reef!! had so much fun with them on our last night together....they brought us soo many American goodies!!!!!!! Crystal Light, double stuffed Oreos.. danky dank!!!!!! To anyone that reads this, mail me things!!!!!!!!
Allie Willis
14 University Drive
Bond University
Robina, QLD 4229

also, there was a bball game this thursday that Bond Cheer performed for at half time. The vid is on my wall if anyone wants to watch :) the game was USA vs. ROW (rest of world) basically american students' team vs anyone else that tries to play basketball that isnt american. hilar, so fun. performing again for rugby game on nov 11th!!!!


Monday, November 1, 2010


My life is literally on fast forward; I've had the busiest 3 weeks of my life I think.. I'm trying to remember where to even begin. I guess after Byron Bay skydiving-failure drinking-extravaganza weekend.. Thursday was obviously a shit show since no one has classes on Friday. Friday was recovery day, getting pretty routine- went to danky dank mexican cantina and caught up on Gossip Girl/90210/Dexter- hate stupid foreign Eva, Blair + Chuck 4eVAAAAA!!!!!!!! (Allie + Nate= <3) and went to see The Town!!!! SO GOOD!!! movie theaters are even better here.. Saturday we went to OKTOBERFESTT!!!! in Brisbane. 2nd largest after Munich so that was pretttyyy cool even though I wish we had German costumes.. brought back a really cool stein (massive beer mugs) and had more brats and shnitzel than anyone should ever consume..ever.

Week 6 was kind of a shocker, I can't believe we've been here for more than 6 crazy. Psych midterm on a SATURDAY which was bullshit and a damper to my weekend. I've also developed a sick Aussie disease, probably because I have been so tweaked on adderall and neverrr sleeping..

AND KIS FAM WAS HEREEE!!!! me and ki went to the Brizzy airport at 6 fucking am but it was SOO good to see them- and we went to the LONE PINE KOALA SANCTUARY!!!! HELD A KOALA AND PLAYED WITH SOOOOO MANY KANGAS!!! they just lay there! and then you pet them! and feed them from your hand!! its soo cooool!! WE HAD SO MUCH FUN ALL WEEEEKK!!! :D!! we went to bennihannaaaa in surfers! so standard- hibachiii!! tuesday i had cheer and was PISSED that they keep putting me in the FUCKING back so i can stunt these bitches instead of using my great face and dancing abilities. WEDNESDAYYY we did the COOOLEST thingg!! ki was tooo scarrdeyyy (anxiety preventing her from achieving her full potential) but me, libby, lex, and grama BARB went to this freaky maze and every room was different like some were all mirrored with freaky lights like you were inside a computer..MY FAVEE room was the room with the floor of a water alll squishy and jumpy and soo cool! this other room had these massive bouncy balls that you jump cool!!!!!!!! its called INFINITY check it out!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

when it rains, it pours pt 2- BYRON BAY

so we booked a trip to byron bay, the plan was to leave from school at 6 am, get to byron bay and go for a 2 hr surf lesson, sky dive from 14000 feet, beach bbq, and out in byron, stay at the hostel and come back the next morning.
         UNFORTUNATELY ........
the weather was shitty. this weekend. again!!!!!!! like i dont even know how its possible for there still be rain in the clouds.  SO we surfed for 2 hours, found these FREAKY little blue aliens in the water!!!!! and swam in a tea tree lake- really great. buttttttt found out we couldnt go sky diving because the rain would freeze and feel like bullets on our skin up at 14000 ft. boo :(.
SOOOOO the night started circa 1pm- we went to The Byron Bay Brewery, they started giving us pitchers and we pulled out the biggest game of flip cup EVER. 22 people on each side. soooo funny teaching all the foreigners the game, espesh scandinavians. they get SHITTYYY!!! met a lot of realllyyy cool people and continued drinking for the next twelve hours. we had vip at Cheeky Monkeys but im not really sure if i went. I think my boyfriend of the night got us kicked out. will have to verify details to confirm...
so we had to get a rain check for skydiving but everything else was a tonnnn of funnnnn!!!!!

but really. thanks to 30 rock my fitting phrase for my life is- when it rains it in every place in my life!!!!!!!!!!

super busy week..psych paper due thurs, australian tourism marketing presentation due wed, psych midterm saturday, accounting midterm friday. thank GOD my grades dont transfer.

when it rains, it pours

week 5 recap
tuesday- first cheer practice. LOVE IT!!!!! love all the girls and the routine and im sooo excited to perform on thursday at the rugby game. surreaaaall...its like way different from american cheer and a lot more dancey...with tumbling and stunts. there is a norweigian dude doing tumbling coaching and he is HILAR- he keeps whispering to me, ugh this is social suicide. i just want to go home and have a snack...

wednesday went to an AMAZINGG boxing class then pilates. fat girl next to libby kept farting LOOOL but our fingers were all bloody and it was pretty sick

thursday we watched a bird eat another bird on our balcony at the library..that was weird. made me really not interested in my 2000 word paper on buddhist ideals on vegetarianism..its really hard to write about something you dont agree with/give a shit about.  THEN went to this RETARDED spinning class. joel kicked our ASS and played really terrible music with no beats, lots of screaming. it was really fucking hard. the entire time i was trying to get the courage to walk out but i was too tired to think...regardless ill probably go again next week.

THENNNN we went out to don's and east, SHITSHOW. standard. libby and i thought it was really funny to yell at aussie boys on the street...but it really really was!!!!